Capybaras arrive at the Elephant House!

OK, you can't see them, but there are capybaras in this truck.


You still can't see them, but there are capybaras in those crates, surrounded by photographers and Curator of Capybaras, Tony Barthel.


Tony and the famous JT, Keeper of the Capybaras, remove the (still invisible) capybaras from the truck....



and they are lifted into their exhibit...


And there he goes!


They check out their exhibit in some artistically blurry action shots.




The famous JT poses in front of his new charges.


Doing the capybara conga


In their outside yard


And now some actually good photographs from Jessie Cohen, official Smithsonian National Zoological Park photographer.


And because I can't think where else to put it: Someone from the National Zoo hugging a capybara at another zoo. Do not try this at home, she is a trained mammal professional.


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