Capybaras In California
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This is part of the capybara exhibit at the Santa Barbara Zoo, with a view of the mountains in the background. Clearly the beautiful California scenery and weather is appreciated by many species. I'd never seen capybaras having so much fun, as you can see from the following pictures...





This is a capybara doing backflips underwater (that's its belly and rear legs you see), and...




This is a capybara about to make a kind of dolphin leap, out of the water and back in again (unfortunately this picture was taken a split second too soon for the full was amazing).




And here are a couple more standard views of the Santa Barbara capybaras.




This picture is from the Los Angeles Zoo where this capybara was heard vocalizing, which I had never heard before except in the sound clip (click here) that was sent to us by another capybara fan. There was someone working out behind the exhibit and this capybara sat at the gate and whistled at great length unsuccessfully trying to summon them.

8/31/04 update: A correspondent informs us that this capybara lately died and there are no capys currently at LA.


The following are courtesy of Alison Taub, the Capybara Page's Hollywood correspondent

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